Herby Chimichurri

Gluten-Free • non-GMO • Vegan

Ingredients: extra-virgin olive oil*, parsley*, garlic*, capers, oregano*, white wine vinegar*, lemon zest*, kosher salt, chili flakes
* organic

Suggested Uses:
Marinade for protein.
Garnish for tacos.
Toss with grains.

Peanut Lemongrass

Gluten-Free • non-GMO • Vegan

Ingredients: peanut butter*, red onion*, coconut milk*, apricot juice*, fresh lemongrass, Fresno chile, coconut oil*, garlic*, rice vinegar*, tamari*, ginger*, dates, kosher salt, lime, kaffir lime leaf, white pepper, chili flakes

Suggested Uses:
Dressing for slaws. 
Sizzle with tofu and veggies.
Marinade for kebabs.

Kale Walnut Pesto

Gluten-Free • non-GMO

Ingredients: extra-virgin olive oil*, kale*, walnuts*, basil*, Parmigiano-Reggiano, garlic*, kosher salt

Suggested Uses:
Toss with pasta
Spread for sandwiches.
Garnish for eggs

Red Pepper Romesco

Gluten-Free • non-GMO • Vegan

Ingredients: Piquillo peppers, extra-virgin olive oil*, almonds, sherry vinegar*, garlic*, Calabrian chili, kosher salt, smoked paprika*

Suggested Uses:
Dip for fries. 
Drizzle for vegetables.
Sauce for steak.