Red Pepper Romesco

Romesco is a classic Spanish dunking sauce for fried potatoes, but we like it drizzled onto everything from avocado toast to lamb. Made with almonds and three different peppers, our Romesco is creamy, rich and super satisfying. Stir it into sautéed veggies to amp up flavor, or use it as a base ingredient for gazpacho, tomato sauce or meatballs.

Suggested Uses:
Dip vegetables
Dunk roasted roots
Drizzle onto meat

Gluten-Free • non-GMO • Vegan

Ingredients: piquillo peppers (red sweet peppers, salt, citric acid), extra-virgin olive oil*, blanched almonds*, sherry vinegar*, garlic*, calabrian chili (italian hot chili peppers, sunflower seed oil, salt, vinegar), sea salt, pimenton


Herby Chimichurri

Fresh parsley and oregano plus a hint of chili flake are the stars of this South American sauce. Traditionally dolloped on grilled meats, our chimichurri also works wonders as a marinade or drizzle for roasted vegetables, chickpeas and crispy fish. It's also a super base ingredient for meat sauce, veggie burgers and salad dressings.

Suggested Uses:
Marinate protein
Garnish tacos
Toss with grains

Gluten-Free • non-GMO • Vegan

Ingredients: extra-virgin olive oil*, parsley*, sunflower oil*, capers (water, salt, vinegar), garlic*, oregano*, champagne vinegar*, sea salt, chili flake*, lemon zest*
* organic


Nutty (RIP Peanut) Lemongrass Sauce

Inspired by Southeast Asian flavors, our Nutty Lemongrass Sauce (now made with cashews!) can be thinned out to a creamy, slightly spicy dressing for noodles or slaws. It can also be used as a dunk for spring rolls and kabobs and loves to be added at the end of a stir fry. We like the way it plays with coconut milk in curries and soups.

Suggested Uses:
Dress slaws
Sizzle with tofu and veggies
Marinate kebabs

Gluten-Free • non-GMO • Vegan

Ingredients: water, red onion*, coconut milk*, cashews*, apricot juice* (water, apricot concentrate), lemongrass, virgin coconut oil*, rice vinegar* (water, rice), garlic*, tamari* (water, soybeans, salt, alcohol), ginger*, date puree* (Madjool dates, water), Fresno chili pepper, kaffir lime leaf, sea salt, white peppercorn*, lime zest*, crushed red pepper flakes*