Where can I buy Haven's Kitchen Sauces?

You can buy our sauces at at all Whole Foods NYC and Gourmet Garage locations, in Westchester at DeCicco & Sons, and online at Fresh DirectFoodKick, and Our Harvest. Keep checking back or DM us in Instagram as we continue to add stores. Of course, you can pick some up at Haven's Kitchen on 17th Street in Manhattan.

Do Haven's Kitchen Sauces need to be refrigerated?

Yes. Our sauces are fresh and have to be refrigerated before and after opening. Once opened, please refrigerate and enjoy them within a week. IMPORTANT: If your pouch feels bloated then you should not eat the sauce. Please contact us or the store you bought it from. 

Are Haven's Kitchen Sauces Vegan?

Yes! All Haven's Kitchen Sauces are Vegan.

Are Haven's Kitchen Sauces Gluten Free?

Yes! However, we currently make them in a facility that also produces gluten-rich products.

Organic? Non-GMO?

Haven's Kitchen was founded to promote a more sustainable food system so it is important to us to source the most ethical, delicious ingredients we can. We will never source anything with GMO, and our ingredients are all produced without pesticides and other industrial inputs.

Are the pouches environmentally friendly?

While the pouches cannot be recycled (the caps can!), their overall impact on the environment is much gentler than glass or hard plastic. Pouches use less water and energy to produce, and since they are so much lighter to transport, they create fewer emissions during transportation. They produce less waste and take up significantly less landfill space after disposal. We thought long and hard about this, and chose the most sustainable packaging option we could find. 

Do you ship Haven's Kitchen Sauces?

Not at this time.

How do I order wholesale?

Email us at sauces@havenskitchen.com.

Get inspired and share your saucy photos!

We created Haven's Kitchen Sauces for home cooks to flex their culinary skills and play in the kitchen. We're excited to feature your photos and recipes on our Instagram. Tag us with #howdoyousauce. We also have a Pinterest board dedicated to saucy recipes.