Herby Chimichurri 

Fresh parsley and oregano plus a hint of chili flake are the stars of this South American sauce. Traditionally dolloped on grilled meats, our chimichurri also works wonders as a marinade or drizzle for roasted vegetables, chickpeas and crispy fish. It's also a super base ingredient for meat sauce, veggie burgers and salad dressings.

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Herby Chimichurri Lentil Fritters

You need these 5 ingredients:

French lentils, shallot, salt, olive oil, Haven's Kitchen Herby Chimichurri


Grilled Steak Tacos with Herby Chimichurri

You need these 10 ingredients:

white wine vinegar, red onion, skirt steak, black pepper, corn tortillas, avocado, fresh cilantro, lime, salt, Haven's Kitchen Herby Chimichurri


Chimi-chickpea Sheet Tray Salad with chimi-tahini

You need these 9 ingredients:

chickpeas, cauliflower, butter lettuce, avocado, radish, mint, tahini, lemon, Haven's Kitchen Herby Chimichurri